The T.R.M.R has been designed for operational maritime security to protect against terrorism and piracy. The product is clearly defined by it's unique safety and inertia system.

The T.R.M.R devices is designated as multipurpose munitions delivery system for maritime use. The device can be deployed with a variety of munitions from 12 gauge Magflash rounds to CS chemical RIP rounds.

When deployed into a hostile cabin or gallery the T.R.M.R device discharges its munitions on contact with the deck, rendering any hostiles temporarily incapacitated. Once the give area has been secured, the device can be retrieved and reloaded ready for securing other areas of the vessel.

Hostile ship clearance operations require a large number of stun devices to protect and aid the boarding party in securing the ship, the large number of stun devices carried by an operator usually hinders his ability to be fast and agile in his mission due to the excessive weight of the conventional devices carried.

A boarding party equipped with T.R.M.R devices will save around 50% in stun device weight compared to carrying conventional stun devices, and will have the ability to deploy more T.R.M.R devices with the flexibility to switch from a variety of stun munitions to chemical CS munitions.